Special Issue on Complex Networks & Applications

Selected extended version of contributions presented at the 9th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

Complex Networks is a fast-growing area of research spreading in multiple disciplines such as economics, computer science, engineering, biology, medicine and social science. Nowadays, social networks are of prime interest to the understanding of most socio­economic phenomena. They have transformed the way people interact breaking down the geographical barriers. This special issue presents a wide range of complex networks theoretical works and applications focused on social environments such as Information Spreading in Social Media, Rumor and Viral Marketing, Quantifying Success through Social Network Analysis, Human behavior & mobility, Social Reputation, Influence, and Trust. It includes innovative methods built upon complex networks models, including, among others multilayer, temporal, location-aware, and probabilistic networks, and any other type of data-driven network that can be inferred from social media data contexts.

The contributions selected for publication to this special issue are technically beyond the scope of the paper appearing in the conference proceedings and include significantly new material. They reflect the latest problems, advances, and diversity within the complex network community.

Important Date

Paper submission deadline: April 08, 2021

Submission Instructions

Articles reporting original  and  unpublished research  results  pertaining to  the above topics are solicited. Submitted  articles will  follow  an academic review  process. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal guidelines and submitted at https://www.editorialmanager.com/snam/default.aspx

Please note: when submitting choose the correct special issue, i.e. “S.I: Complex Networks 2020” 

Guest Editors

Hocine Cherifi  (Lead Guest Editor)
University of Burgundy, France

Rosa Maria Benito
Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain