Call for Papers

Special Issue Modeling and Control of Epidemics

Guest Editors:
Quanyan Zhu, New York University,
Elena Gubar, Saint-Petersburg State University,
Eitan Altman, INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis,

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant social and economic disruption in today’s connected world. There is an imminent need to understand and control the spreading of the disease over networks. Dynamic games provide a natural framework to model and analyze the individual incentives and their social interactions over large networks. Sophisticated models such as evolutionary games and mean-field games have enabled the understanding of the emerging population-level phenomena and effective control mechanisms. Connecting dynamic games and epidemic models offers a scientific foundation for rigorous and quantitative analysis and design of screening, containment, and mitigation strategies for large-scale dynamic and network systems. This cross-disciplinary approach will not only address the current challenges with COVID-19 but also shed light on related problems of computer viruses and misinformation in networks. In 2021, Dynamic Games and Applications will publish a special issue on the subject, emphasizing new game-theoretic models and rigorous analysis approaches for epidemics and network systems. The special issue welcomes submissions from theoreticians as well as applied researchers, and it is important to note that papers submitted should have epidemics as the centerpiece. Within that framework, some selected topics (among others) of special interest are:

• Evolutionary games for epidemic modeling 
• Integration of game theory and mathematical modelling of infectious disease
• Differential games for decentralized control of epidemics
• Design of treatment, vaccination, and quarantining strategies
• Mean-field game approach to epidemic control
• Multi-agent reinforcement learning methods for epidemics
• Epidemic model-order reduction and identification
• Coupled information and disease spreading
• Competitive virus spreading
• Cooperative control of epidemic models
• Empirical and experimental studies
• Applications of epidemic modeling and games to communication networks, social networks, biological networks, etc. 
Submission Deadline extended: June 15, 2021                                                   

Expected Publication Date: December 2021

We encourage early submissions, and the submissions will be processed as soon as they are received. Papers that still require major revision after the second round will not be accepted for the special issue and will be treated as submissions to a regular issue. The accepted papers will appear online in advance of the production of the full special issue.

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