CfP Special Issue: Ontologies and Data Management

Special Issue Guest Editors:

* Thomas Schneider (University of Bremen, Germany)
* Mantas Šimkus (TU Wien, Austria)

Submission deadline: October 31, 2019

This special issue focuses on the theory and practice of applying ontologies in data
management (ODM), which is a research topic of significant interest in Knowledge
Representation and Reasoning (KR&R) and Database Theory. Modern data-centric
software systems need to handle data that is often heterogeneous, sensitive, very large,
and even incomplete or inconsistent. Moreover, it often has very complex structures.
Thus, the development of proper tools and techniques to handle this complexity is a
pressing task. Ontologies in combination with automated reasoning are acknowledged
as a promising tool to address some of these challenges, and thus are receiving
significant attention both among researchers and industry. For instance, the prominent
data integration paradigm called ontology-based data access (OBDA) suggests the use
of ontologies to provide a conceptual view of a problem domain, where various possibly
heterogeneous data sources can be linked to the same ontology using mappings,
enabling users to pose queries using the ontology vocabulary. For query answering in
OBDA, automated reasoning is used to compile information from the sources, possibly
employing the domain knowledge in the ontology to infer new information.
The special issue welcomes contributions on all aspects of ontologies and data
management, including but not limited to:
• Query answering: standard semantics, bag semantics, inconsistency-tolerant semantics
• Further inference tasks in the presence of data: learning, materialization, nonmonotonic
• Decidability and complexity analyses
• Ontology languages and extensions: description logics (DLs), rule-based languages,
first-order logic
• Combinations of ontology languages with other formalisms such as temporal logic,
probabilities, action formalisms
• Applications related to ODM
• Systems and tools related to ODM

If you are interested in contributing to this special issue, please contact the guest editors:

Handling Editor, Editorial Board
Anni-Yasmin Turhan (TU Dresden, Germany)

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