About the Society

The Korean BioChip Society

The Korean BioChip Society To coordinate and support the research fields for post-genomics, the Korean Biochip Society was reorganized and newly founded in 2006. Together with these, the Korean BioChip Society is intended to have research cooperation between members and to promote exchanges in technologies, researches and information, and relationship between members from the industry, universities and research institutes.

The society is trying to raise the competitive power of Korea by developing and using core technologies in this field. In the meantime, we had held several annual meetings and colloquiums for special themes. In order to promote further the activities of our society, we had the first general meeting as of 24th August 2001 and opened our society publicly with the title of “Protein Chip Society.” From then on, we have performed various scientific activities. Then in order to reflect better the needs of our age, we reorganized our society and restarted under the name of the “Korean BioChip Society” as of 1st December 2005 and secured our position firmly as the leading society of relevant field.

We are aware that the mission of our society is to contribute to the development of biochip technology that is creating new paradigm as a key technology in studying for the proteomics, functional genomics, Bio-MEMS, nano-technology, biosensors and bioinformatics that are new bioscience area in the 21st century.