Latest Special Issue

Volume 84, issue 3, July 2021

Title: Special issue dedicated to the World Symbiosis Day 2020

Issue editors: Manju M. Gupta & David H.S. Richardson

This special issue is part of the celebration by the International Symbiosis Society on World Symbiosis Day held the 30thJuly 2020 online. A short narrative of this event for those who could not attend is included in this issue (Dutta et al. 2021). A total of 11 articles are included in this special issue of Symbiosis. on ‘Anthropogenic impacts on symbiotic systems’. These articles are diverse and explore the impact of anthropogenic activities on various symbiotic organisms, especially those in the terrestrial environment. The articles explore the evolution of modern concepts, the methods for the study of symbiotic organisms, and the implications in dealing with negative changes. The anthropogenic impacts on various forms of symbioses such as algae-fungi (lichens), fungi-plant root (mycorrhiza), actinomycetes-roots (actinorhiza), and plant-microbes/fungi (endophytes) are discussed.

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