CALL FOR PAPERS for Special Issue: Anthropogenic impacts on symbiotic systems

Guest Editor: Manju M. Gupta, University of Delhi, India

Symbiosis is a universal phenomenon in our planet and is known to be of pivotal importance in making earth to function as a single self-regulating system.

This special issue will commemorate the ‘World Symbiosis Day’ founded by the International Symbiosis Society. It will explore how diverse symbiotic systems including, lichens, mycorrhiza, endophytes, coral reefs are responding to different environmental and climate change parameters. Manuscripts describing how symbiotic associations contribute to biodiversity conservation and resilience of ecosystems are also welcomed. The manuscripts must include impact and underpinning analysis which is directly or indirectly related to human – environment relationship.

You are invited to submit a mini review to help consolidate the present state of knowledge on impact of human nature interaction including climate change on various symbiotic systems and vice versa.

EXTENDED DEADLINE for submission: February 15, 2021

About the Guest Editor
Manju M. Gupta, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at University of Delhi (Sri Aurobindo College) and Vice President of the International Symbiosis Society. Her detailed résumé can be viewed here.

Contact information
Manju M. Gupta
University of Delhi