World Symbiosis Day Webinar Recommended Reading List

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Symbiosis is the proud sponsor of the recommended reading list (available until September 23rd) for the first annual World Symbiosis Day Webinar hosted by the International Symbiosis Society (ISS) on July 30, 2020:

1. Better off alone? New insights in the symbiotic relationship between the flatworm Symsagittifera roscoffensis and the microalgae Tetraselmis convolutae

2. Bark beetle mycobiome: collaboratively defined research priorities on a widespread insect-fungus symbiosis
Open Access

3. Endosymbiont diversity and community structure in Porites lutea from Southeast Asia are driven by a suite of environmental variables
Open Access

4. Exaiptasia diaphana from the great barrier reef: a valuable resource for coral symbiosis research

5. Foliar endophytic fungi: diversity in species and functions in forest ecosystems

6. Evolution and taxonomy of nematode-associated entomopathogenic bacteria of the genera Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus: an overview
Open Access

7. Promotion of maize growth by a yellow morel, Morchella crassipes
Open Access

8. Functional roles of fungal endophytes in host fitness during stress conditions

9. Evidence against mutualism in an aeolid nudibranch associated with Symbiodiniaceae dinoflagellates

10. The pioneer lichen Placopsis in maritime Antarctica: Genetic diversity of their mycobionts and green algal symbionts, and their correlation with deglaciation time

11. Characterization and comparison of gut microbiomes in nine species of parrots in captivity
Open Access

12. A first glimpse at genes important to the Azolla–Nostoc symbiosis

13. The first record of symbiosis between a palaeonemertean (Nemertea) and echinoderms (Echinodermata)

14. Nutrient stress arrests tentacle growth in the coral model Aiptasia
Open Access

15. Exploring the natural microbiome of the model liverwort: fungal endophyte diversity in Marchantia polymorpha L

16. Building plant microbiome vault: a future biotechnological resource

17. ‘The importance of symbiosis in philosophy of biology: an analysis of the current debate on biological individuality and its historical roots’

18. Plant growth promoting endophytic fungi Asprgillus fumigatus TS1 and Fusarium proliferatum BRL1 produce gibberellins and regulates plant endogenous hormones

19. Grain yield of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties is markedly increased by rhizobial inoculation and phosphorus application in Ethiopia
Open Access

20. Ultrastructural evidence for nutritional relationships between a marine colonial invertebrate (Bryozoa) and its bacterial symbionts
Open Access

21. Ectomycorrhizal and endophytic fungi associated with Alnus glutinosa growing in a saline area of central Poland
Open Access

22. Observations on the specific associations found between scyphomedusae and commensal fish and invertebrates in the Philippines

23. The nature of the immune response in novel Wolbachia-host associations