Call for Papers: Special Issue on Intelligent techniques and Internet of Things for Smart Automation

With the impressive advancement in several areas and with the coming of ever-developing and pervasive computational resources, huge opportunities arise for developing intelligent techniques to   solve a variety of real-life problems which have uncertainty, blunder and ambiguity. Intelligent techniques mainly concern in providing simplex solutions using intelligent algorithms, scientific computing, computer vision, computational biology, natural language processing and computer graphics etc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to individually attributable objects and people as well as their basic representations in an Internet-like infrastructure. After the web and mobile accessibility, IoT has been address as another technological innovation of our lifetime, even more encouraging with smart automated systems, such as smart cities, smart grid, smart factories, etc., In specific systems and related applications. It is important to  completely  design  and implement process and architectures able to effectively collect, manage, and process large data sets and technique, and basically to conduct and restraint  IoT-enabled structure at different levels, as they are confident of many networked individual of different extent such as smart objects, sensors and actuators, embedded computers, etc. The large-scale of IoT-enabled systems hike a number of specific challenges including: effective data collection, real-time  novel methods for global system control;  well-defined control interfaces for IoT technologies; and various IoT standards. Moreover, such new findings need to ensure IoT system safety, security and privacy. 

This special issue aims to foster the dissemination of high quality research in terms of theory and practice related to IoT and automation. Specific topics of interests include, but not limited to the following:

  • System design methodologies for IoT systems
  • Validation of large-scale IoT systems control
  • Fuzzy Fusion of Sensors, Data and Information
  • Hybrid Optimization Methods Emerging real world and theoretical applications of IoT in Industry
  • Intelligent and interactive interface for IoT
  • Smart interactions and interfaces for IoT paradigm
  • IoT applications to automotive, manufacturing, supply chain management, transportation & logistics, energy & environment, and healthcare
  • Industrial informatics: embedded systems for monitoring and controlling
  • Real-time novel methods for global system control
  • Intelligent system design, modelling and evaluation 
  • Smart Home, and IoT-based Building Automation
  • Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services and Production
  • Industrial IoT Service Creation and Management Aspects

Important Dates: 
Manuscript Due: 30 July 2022
First round of Reviews: 15 September 2022
Revised version due date : 30 November 2022
Final Decision: 30 January 2023

Guest Editors:

Subramaniyam Ganeshan, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA; email:

Danilo Pelusi, Professor, University of Teramo, Coste Sant' Agostino Campus, Teramo, Italy; email:

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