Call for Papers: Special Issue on Advances in Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence in Health Care

In today's world, a massive amount of data are being generated by an increasing number of industrial applications and through the exponentially growing amount of academic research. More precisely, the explosion of data from high throughput biological experiments like assaying and sequencing of microarray data has opened a plethora of data science research called Bioinformatics. Hence, it leads to the interdisciplinary science which is similar to general Data Science for solving biological & health care problems. It is popularly accepted that Computational Intelligence (CI) or AI and Machine Learning (ML) will become the dominant player of the Digital Transformation in a wide range of application areas of our society:

What are the issues in dealing with ML & CI and how to solve them?

  • Understanding which processes need automation
  • Lack of quality data
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Implementation
  • Lack of Skilled Resources

The primary goals of the special issue are to:

  1. Identify fundamental health care research problems that are critical for the success of real-world applications of ML & CI algorithms;
  2. Report the progress on addressing these critical issues in health care; and
  3. Have practitioners & researchers share their success stories of applying advanced ML and Computationally Intelligent techniques to the real-world health care problems and the insights gained from the applications.

We invite submissions successfully applying advanced ML algorithms to the real-life problems by addressing practically relevant general & critical issues. Our topics of interest are broad, including but not limited to the related sub-topics listed below:

  • Advanced Machine Learning in Health Care
  • Advances in Computational Biology
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications in Health Care
  • Bioinformatics Computing
  • Bioinspired Computing,  Optimization Algorithms & Tools
  • Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain & Health Care
  • Computer Vision and Speech Understanding in Health Care Environment
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools in Health Care
  • Health Care Applications of Evolutionary Computing
  • Heuristic Planning Strategies and Tools
  • Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Health Care
  • Intelligent System Architectures in Health Care
  • Medical Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics in Biomedicine
  • Natural Language Processing in Health Care
  • Network Intelligence in Health Care Architectures
  • Neural Networks & Deep Neural Networks in Health Care Applications
  • Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence in Health Care
  • Probabilistic reasoning in Healthcare Management
  • Reactive Distributed AI in Health Care Management
  • Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies Heath Care Architectures
  • Web Intelligence Applications in Biomedical & Health Care Records


Submission of manuscripts: October 30, 2021

Submission of revised manuscripts: March 31, 2022

Publication: June 2022

  • Authors are encouraged to submit only the high-quality, original work that has neither appeared in nor is under submission to any other journals.
  • All the papers will be reviewed following the standard reviewing procedures of the Journal.
  • Authors should carefully read the "Instructions for Authors" and the papers must be prepared following the Journal guidelines:
  • Submit manuscripts to; Select "Advances in Machine Learning & Computational Intelligence" as the article type when submitting


Keping YU, Assiatant Professor, Gloabal Information and Telecommunication Institute, WASEDA University, Tokyo, Japan

Achyut Shankar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Amity University, Noida,  India

Mamoun Alazab, College of Engineering IT and Environment, Charles Darwin University, Casuarina, NT, Australia

Muhummad Rukunuddin Ghalib, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India