Call for Papers - Special Issue on Performance Issues in Next Generation Information Processing System

Guest Editors:

Prachi S. Deshpande, Department of Computer Engineering, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, India. Email:

Venkat Gudiwada, Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science, East Carolina University, USA. Email:

S. C. Sharma, Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India. Email:


The Information Processing, characterized by impressive technology advancement over the last two decades, has become a more complex and multidisciplinary research field. The information processing and conversion systems are undergoing significant performance improvement.

While novel methodologies, protocols and systems are now establishing new standards in the industries and subsequent market, its performance issues like efficiency, flexibility and reliability need to be addressed. The technological advancements of 5G and beyond requires to bridge the trade-off between the high speed computing and information systems and its performance.

Furthermore, there is a lack of understanding of new phenomena and failure mechanisms associated with the modern information processing technologies. From a system point of view, condition monitoring for high reliability is nowadays a must have part in the overall application development process, demanding accurate and trustable models. This Special Issue will accept papers in the following thematic areas:

Cloud Computing & Information Systems: Mobile ad-hoc networks, Mobile Identity Management, Security access policies, Network security management, Privacy-respecting authentication issues, Wireless Communication, Sensor Networks, Data Communication, Distributed & Parallel Computing, Grid & Cloud Computing, Cloud Quality Management & Service level agreement, High performance Cloud Computing, Green Cloud Computing, Component based and Service oriented software systems. Software Engineering, Reliability and Testing, Information retrieval & Security, Knowledge Engineering & Management, Information, System modelling and Simulation Techniques, RoF for 5G and Beyond.

AI & Internet of Things: Climate and Ecosystem Monitoring, Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Recycling, Energy Saving Solutions and Trade-offs, Power-aware Algorithms and Protocols, Renewable Energy Based Algorithms, Smart Buildings, Eco-friendly Computing & Green Cloud Computing, IoT Business Models and Case studies, Green IoT, IoT Architectures, Platforms and Applications, Mobile IoT, Security, Privacy and Trust, The Smart City, Web of Things

Sensor Technology: Performance measurement of sensor networks, Performance evaluation and analysis of sensor networks, Performance comparison on capacity, coverage and connectivity, Modelling techniques of sensor networks, Validation of sensor network architectures, Simulation and theoretical analysis, Simulation software tools and environments, Theoretical performance analysis: complexity, correctness and scalability, Design, simulation and optimization tools for deployment and operation, Platform modelling and analysis tools, Analytical, mobility and validation models, System debugging and testing, Network planning, provisioning and deployment, Network Architectures for Sensor Networks, Network Protocols for Sensor Networks, Structural design, Distributed Sensor Networks, Dynamic sensor networks, Scalable and heterogeneous architectures, Low-power sensor networks, Energy harvesters, Tracking and partial position information, Failure handling, Security and authentication, Energy models, Energy optimization, Under water sensors and systems.

Medical/Healthcare Information Processing: Simulation & Automation, Process Monitoring, Biomedical Informatics, Integrating & Mapping Biomedical Ontology’s, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Health Informatics Reliability & Fault Tolerance, Cognitive and Biologically Inspired Vision, Biometric Authentication, Signal and Image Processing applications and performance issues.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Information Processing, Communication Systems, Sensor Networks, Performance Issues

Tentative review/publication plan:

Submission due date: 31 May 2021

Final/revised manuscript submission date: 31 July 2021

Publication of the Special Issue in 2021