Aims and scope

This Journal is the official publication of the Indian Academy of Wood Science. It publishes on all aspects related to wood, cellulose and their products such as logging, saw milling, wood working, plywood, fibre boards, particle boards, improved and composite woods, cellulose and cellulose-based sciences and industries and allied fields generally classified as "Wood Science". It also includes biological sciences related to wood and wood products.

The Journal aims to cover research on all aspects of Wood Science and allied fields relating to resource utilization of wood. In essence it relates to all aspects of utilization including processing, sales and marketing of wood, its products and other lignocellulosic materials both from forestry and agricultural origin.

Further, the Journal aims to help and promote rational and scientific utilization of raw materials, avoiding of wastage in raw materials, development of standard products and standard techniques, evolution of uniform standardized processing methods, quality control methods, inspection methods and similar other scientific methods, applicable to the industries connected with wood and cellulose.

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