Aims and scope

This journal is the only transportation journal to report on multi-disciplinary research efforts with the goal to discover solutions to difficult issues in the field. It provides a platform to bring together researchers and specialists in the fields of transportation, electrical, mechanical and traffic engineering, as well as those in the areas of policy planning, economics, and psychology, for wide-ranging discussion about future transportation systems. The journal is the global forum for transportation research. Papers published include original research in such areas as:

Sensor Technology
Imaging, Laser, Induction Coil, Ultrasonic Sensor and Recognition Technology based on the above mentioned technologies.

Communication Technology and its Applications
Infrared Beacon, Radio Wave DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication), ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System), Navigation System

Vehicle Control and Automated Driving
AHS (Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway System), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), Lane-Keep, Automatic Driving, Automatically Operated Bus

Safety Improvement and Human Interface
ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle), Cruise Assist, Simulator

Traffic Control
Incident Detection System, Traffic Measurement, Signal Control, Accident Management

Traffic Planning
Road Planning, Signal Planning, Traffic Simulation

Urban Engineering
Urban Space Modelling, Urban Planning

Transportation Policy, Traffic Economy
Creation & Improvement of Pertinent Laws and Regulations, TDM (Transportation Demand Management), Road Pricing, Privacy Protection

Traffic Psychology
Drivers, Pedestrians and Vulnerable Road Users

Other Applied Technologies

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