Aims and scope

Russian Journal of Biological Invasions publishes original scientific papers dealing with biological invasions of alien species in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and covers the following subjects:

  • description of invasion process (theory, modeling, results of observations and experiments): invasion corridors, invasion vectors, invader species adaptations, vulnerability of aboriginal ecosystems;
  • monitoring of invasion process (reports about findings of organisms out of the limits of natural range, propagule pressure assessment, settling dynamics, rates of naturalization);
  • invasion risk assessment;
  • genetic, evolutional, and ecological consequences of biological invasions of alien species;
  • methods, means of hoarding, processing and presentation of applied research data (new developments, modeling, research results, databases) with factual and geoinformation system applications;
  • use of the results of biological invasion research (methods and new basic results) under the study of marine, fresh-water and terrestrial species, populations, communities and ecosystems;
  • control, rational use and eradication of the harmful alien species..