Additional information for authors

Scientific names, Units and Symbols

  • The Latin name(s) as well as authority (and, where appropriate, cultivar preceded by cv.) of investigated species must be mentioned both in the Abstract and in the Materials and Methods. Latin genus and species names should be italicised. Only SI units should be used.
  • For mineral contents, the elements (P, N, K, etc.) should be used.
  • Isotopes should be indicated as 14C, 32P, etc.
  • Ions should be mentioned as H+, Mg2+, etc.
  • For molar concentration italic M should be used.

Covering letter

Authors are requested to submit a covering letter to the Editor-in-Chief with their manuscript, outlining how the submitted manuscript falls within the scope of Organic Agriculture. Any other information from the authors to the Editor-in-Chief should also be included in this letter.


These should not normally repeat words already included in the title of the paper


  • Spelling can be in either UK or American English – but please be consistent throughout.
  • Use the automatic line numbering function to number the lines for ease of reference by authors, reviewers and editors during the refereeing process.
  • Do not embed Tables and Figures in the text. Provide these separately.
  • A full list of Table headings and, separately, Figure headings should be given after the reference list.