Greetings from the Editor-in-Chief: Gerold Rahmann

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Organic Agriculture research is still a young scientific field, and is rapidly expanding. Many researchers are attracted to the prospect of work on organic farming issues and related food chains, which could help to solve future food production problems. But: where to publish? While there are no longer major hurdles to publishing papers on organic farming in established scientific journals, it remains difficult to publish results based on novel methodologies and ideas, or on innovative and holistic approaches exploring the food chain as a whole (inter-, intra- and transdisciplinary research).

The aims and scopes of Organic Agriculture are not restricted to research on farm issues (research papers). It does also summarize and condense recent trends in Organic Agriculture development (review papers) as well as papers for ethical and methodological discussion (concept notes). Therefore, the journal is committed to publish research findings and innovative papers for the development of Organic Agriculture.

We also welcome papers which take a critical approach to one or more aspects of organic agriculture and/or initiate critical discussions of the principles on a scientific basis. Therefore, papers with farming system comparisons are welcome.

I warmly invite you to publish in our journal Organic Agriculture and become part of Organic Agriculture’s ongoing development!

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