Special section on 'Advancing Conceptual, Theoretical Articles in Marketing'.

The June 2020 Issue of the AMS Review features a Special Section on Advancing Conceptual, Theoretical Articles in Marketing. Although conceptual articles are important for the discipline, conceptual articles continue to constitute a relatively small percentage of the articles published within marketing-related journals. This special section aims to facilitate theory development in marketing by exploring issues of problematizing, developing, writing and reviewing conceptual-only manuscripts.

The contributions of the special section include:

Special Section Editorial "Advancing conceptual-only articles in marketing" by Stephen L. Vargo and Kaisa Koskela-Huotari: read here

Paper "Indigenous theory development in marketing: the foundational premises approach" by Shelby Hunt: read here (freely available until July 31, 2020)

Paper "Designing conceptual articles: four approaches" by Elina Jaakkola: read here (Open access)

Paper "Conceptual review papers: revisiting existing research to develop and refine theory" by John Hulland: read here (freely available until July 31, 2020)

Paper "Effective reviewing for conceptual journal submissions" by Abbie Griffin and Gloria Barczak: read here

Commentary "Contributing to theory: opportunities and challenges" by Jay Barney: read here

Commentary "Reimagining marketing doctoral programs" by Manjit Yadav: read here

Commentary "Creativity and publication in marketing" by David Stewart: read here

Commentary "Advancing theory in marketing: insights from conversations in other disciplines" by Rajan Varadarajan: read here

Editorial “'First things first': The AMS Review – Sheth Foundation 2020 annual doctoral competition for conceptual articles” by Jodie Conduit and Michael Kleinaltenkamp: read here


Additional resources for Elina Jaakkola's "Designing conceptual articles: four approaches" are provided in her instructional video presentation. Watch the video here.