Society of Wetland Scientists

The Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) is an international organization dedicated to fostering sound wetland science, education, and management.

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- Access to the society journal Wetlands
- Free online access to the Springer journal Wetlands Ecology and Management
- 25% discount on Springer books
- Free access to Wetlands Science and Practice
- Reduced conference rates
- Potential access to student and other awards
- Access to membership and activities of the six Special Interest Sections (RAMSAR, Women in Wetlands, Peatlands, Global Change Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Wildlife)

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Promoting Understanding and Sustainable Use
The mission of the Society of Wetland Scientists is to promote understanding, scientifically based management, and sustainable use of wetlands.


  • The specific goals of the SWS, as outlined in the 2005-2010 strategic plan are to:
  • Promote basic and applied wetland research of high quality
  • Support wetland education and public awareness of wetlands
  • Provide forums to disseminate the latest scientific results
  • Promote science-based stewardship of wetlands
  • Encourage incorporation of sound wetland science into policy
  • Foster the international scope of wetland science and SWS
  • Ensure that the growth and evolution of SWS are sustainable

Society of Wetland Scientists