Editors´ Choice

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The 3 articles with ** are freely accessible until November 24th, 2021.

**A. Lucchini: The generating graph of a profinite group

**J. McCullough and A. Seceleanu: Quadratic Gorenstein algebras with many surprising properties

**C. Denis: A simple proof of the compactness of the trace operator on a Lipschitz domain

T. Hibi et al.: Extremal Betti numbers of edge ideals

H. W. Lenstra Jr. and A. Silverberg: Universal gradings of orders

Z. Reichstein: The Jordan property of Cremona groups and essential dimension

G. Graff: Fixed point indices of iterates of a low-dimensional diffeomorphism at a fixed point which is an isolated invariant set

V. Schroeder and H. Shah: Almost maximal volume entropy

A. Henrot and O. Mounjid: Elasticae and inradius

S. Garibaldi and R.M. Guralnick: Essential dimension of algebraic groups, including bad characteristic

S. Sadov: Lower bound for cyclic sums of Diananda type

J. Esterle: A short proof of the zero-two law for cosine functions

El Maati Ouhabaz: Maximal regularity for non-autonomous evolution equations governed by forms having less regularity

Ken Abe et al.: On the Stokes semigroup in some non-Helmholtz domains

Former selected articles

I.E. Shparlinski: On the distribution of solutions to polynomial congruences

R. Nittka: Projections onto convex sets and Lp-quasi-contractivity of semigroups

Ken Ono and Nick Ramsey: A mod ℓ Atkin–Lehner theorem and applications

D. Daners: Krahn’s proof of the Rayleigh conjecture revisited

B. Klopsch: On the rank of compact p-adic Lie groups

M.P. Young: A short proof of Levinson’s theorem