Call for Papers

Special Issue: Mechanisms and processes of water movement, contamination, protection and sustainable management of groundwater, aquifers and geothermal resources

Guest Editors: Gioacchino Francesco Andriani, Claudia Cherubini, Renato Morbidelli, Mohammad Heidarzadeh, Richa Ojha

Interaction between water and geologic media is a broad-ranging scientific subject involving many disciplines such as hydrogeology, hydrology, geotechnical engineering, stone conservation and geothermal science, just to mention a few. This Special Issue of ENGE aims to highlight academic research, present innovative methods and technologies, provide new understandings and, inspire creative and constructive discussions on the mechanisms of water movement in unsaturated and saturated zones, deterioration processes of water and geomaterials, sustainable management of groundwater, aquifers and geothermal resources.
Water infiltration into soil or rock is among the most important of hydrological processes, as it controls the partitioning between runoff and water storage. The spatio-temporal evolution of infiltration rate under natural conditions cannot be deduced by direct measurements at any scale of interest, therefore the use of infiltration modeling allows to express it through measurable quantities is of fundamental importance. Nevertheless, still today recent advances in groundwater dynamics draw attention to difficulties in describing flow and transport in complex geosystems and this implies uncertainties in defining model predictions. The use of complex or integrated approaches for solving practical problems is theoretically more efficient and gives answers which should be more correct than those obtained by simpler ones. But, the calibration of many parameters leads to difficulties in analysis and design of practical systems, although it is often necessary for elaborating conceptual models closer to physical reality of problems.
This Special Issue broadly encompasses many traditional disciplines of geoscience and welcomes contributions on the following topics: 

  • Water resource systems;
  • Hydrogeologic and hydrologic models;
  • Groundwater flow in porous and fractured geologic media;
  • Techniques and innovative instrumentation in the laboratory and field;
  • Managing and protecting water resources;
  • Groundwater and aquifer contamination and remediation;
  • Seawater intrusion processes, investigation and management;
  • Geothermal systems and models;
  • Problems in urban geothermal development;
  • Rock and soil weathering.

Submission Deadline: 30 June 2022