Special Issue: SIDISA 2021 - New Solutions for Waste management and Valorization: Accelerating the Transition towards the Circular Economy

This Special Issue of Waste & Biomass Valorization will include high-quality papers presented in the SIDISA 2021 Conference and selected by the Scientific Committee. Published papers will present scientific solutions and initiatives aimed at improving the use of waste products and potential resources through biological, bio-chemical or thermal processes, setting up bio-refineries and boosting the circular economy in different fields.   

Sustainable systems for waste management and valorization are chiefly intended to protect the human health and preserve natural resources. The design of a proper waste management system must involve economic, environmental and social aspects. Furthermore, recently (June 2018), the European Union released the European Circular Economy Package (CEP), the intent of which was to ensure the European Union’s transition to a circular economy. As opposed to the typical linear economy, in which resources are created, used, and disposed, a circular economy is one in which resources are used for as long and as productively as possible and, at the end of their useful life, their products and materials are recovered and regenerated. Introducing the circular economy in the design of waste management systems requires adequate valorization and treatment plants and related management schemes that need sophisticated approaches for their correct planning and implementation.

This Special Issue will cover cutting-edge research in several areas, such as anaerobic digestion, composting, valorization of waste products from industrial, mining and C&D activities, advanced processes for bio-refineries, microalgae. The emerging trends in various research fields related to waste-to-wealth approaches and innovative biomass utilization will be greatly featured. It is expected that studies are completed with energy - economic - environmental assessments.

Guest editors:
Paolo Salvatore Calabrò, Associate Professor, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy paolo.calabro@unirc.it

Cigdem Eskicioglu, Professor, Faculty of Applied Science, School of Engineering, Okanagan Campus, University of British Columbia, Canada cigdem.eskicioglu@ubc.ca

Barbara Ruffino, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy, barbara.ruffino@polito.it

Please note this special issue is limited to papers presented at the SIDASA 2021 conference.