Aims and scope

Waste & Biomass Valorization is devoted to the growing field of valorization of waste and biomass to energy, fuels and other added value and speciality products. Research on resources and feedstock, on characterization of fuels and materials produced, on the development of characterization techniques, and on the development of novel processes all form part of the journal’s focus. Processes and practices that reduce emissions and life cycle assessment of the systems considered (technologies and materials) are of particular interest. Topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to:

Valorization of waste and biomass

  • municipal,
  • wastewater
  • industrial,
  • electronic,
  • wood and paper,
  • sludge,
  • agricultural,
  • forest,
  • construction and demolition,
  • mining

for the production of energy and fuels from biomass and waste

  • ethanol,
  • hydrogen,
  • biogas,
  • biofuel,
  • refuse-derived Fuel/Oil (RD, RDO),
  • thermal processes products

for the production of materials from biomass and waste

  • secondary materials-(such as sorbents, enzymes, polymers
  • recycled materials
  • construction materials

Valorization of clean gas

  • clean gas conversion to energy
  • clean gas conversion to added value products and speciality products,

Key issues are cutting-edge research on life cycle and risk assessment, health and safety impact assessment, decision-making, legislation and education.

High quality research articles, reviews, case studies (both pilot-plant and full-scale) will be considered for review and publication.


Biomass, residues, waste, clean gas, processes, energy, biofuels, added value products, biorefinery, recycling, life cycle assessment.