Aims and scope

Ocean Science Journal is a scientific journal published quarterly (30th March, June, September, December) by the Korean Society of Oceanography (KSO) and Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST).

OSJ is international and interdisciplinary. Research articles, reviews and notes dealing with physical oceanography, biological oceanography/marine biology, chemical oceanography/marine chemistry, geological oceanography/marine geology, and marine pollution will be considered.

Ocean Science covers the following fields:

• physical oceanography: waves, currents, air-sea interaction, ocean modeling, coastal processes, water masses

• biological oceanography/marine biology: plankton, benthic organisms, fish, ecology, molecular biology

• chemical oceanography/marine chemistry: trace elements, isotopes, nutrients, organic substances, gases

• geological oceanography/marine geology: geophysics, sedimentology, paleontology, paleogeopraphy, sediment dynamics

• marine pollution: pollutants analysis and monitoring, fates of contaminants, aquatic toxicology, ecotoxicology

• Promotes all aspects of ocean science, experimental, theoretical and laboratory researches

OSJ aims to publish a very high quality scientific journal for researchers and other interested people throughout the world.