55 Year Anniversary-Top 55 most cited papers!

Major types and time-space distribution of Mesozoic ore deposits in South China and their geodynamic settings

The crustal continuum model for Late-Archean lode gold deposits of the Yilgarn Block, Western Australia

Intrusion related gold deposits associated with tungsten-tin provinces

Intrusion-related gold systems: the present level of understanding

The physical and chemical evolution of low-salinity magmatic fluids at the porphyry to epithermal transition: a thermodynamic study

The volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt - Review and preface to the Thematic Issue

Giant versus small porphyry copper deposits of Cenozoic age in northern Chile: adakitic versus normal calc-alkaline magmatism

Recycling of orogenic arc crust triggers porphyry Cu mineralization in Kerman Cenozoic arc rocks, southeastern Iran

Carbon dioxide in magmas and implications for hydrothermal systems

The Iberian type of volcano-sedimentary massive sulphide deposits

Mass change calculations in altered rock series

World-class Ni-Cu-PGE deposits: key factors in their genesis

Contribution of mafic melt to porphyry copper mineralization: evidence from Mount Pinatubo, Philippines, and Bingham Canyon, Utah, USA

Discriminant diagrams for iron oxide trace element fingerprinting of mineral deposit types

Iron oxide-copper-gold deposits: an Andean view

Nature, age, and tectonic setting of granitoid-hosted, orogenic gold deposits of the Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern North China craton, China

Isotope geochemistry of the Tieluping silver-lead deposit, Henan, China: A case study of orogenic silver-dominated deposits and related tectonic setting

Multiple Mesozoic mineralization events in South China-an introduction to the thematic issue

Ore-forming fluids associated with granite-hosted gold mineralization at the Sanshandao deposit, Jiaodong gold province, China

Zircon Ce4+/Ce3+ ratios and ages for Yulong ore-bearing porphyries in eastern Tibet

Re-Os ages for Archean molybdenite and pyrite, Kuittila-Kivisuo, Finland and Proterozoic molybdenite, Kabeliai, Lithuania: Testing the chronometer in a metamorphic and metasomatic setting

Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc deposits through geological time: implications from recent age-dating research

Fluid and source magma evolution of the Questa porphyry Mo deposit, New Mexico, USA

Mineralogical and textural changes accompanying ageing of silica sinter

Formation of podiform chromitites by melt-rock interaction in the upper mantle

Revaluation of the Co/Ni ratio in pyrite as geochemical tool in ore genesis problems - Evidences from southern Tuscany pyritic deposits

Magma evolution and the formation of porphyry Cu-Au ore fluids: evidence from silicate and sulfide melt inclusions

Chromite deposits in the northern Oman ophiolite - mineralogical constraints

Trace elements in magnetite as petrogenetic indicators

Precise molybdenite Re-Os and mica Ar-Ar dating of the Mesozoic Yaogangxian tungsten deposit, central Nanling district, South China

Chloritization of the hydrothermally altered bedrock at the Igarapé-Bahia gold deposits, Carajás, Brazil

Tectonics and distribution of gold deposits in China - an overview

The behavior of so-called immobile elements in hydrothermally altered rocks associated with volcanogenic submarine-exhalative ore deposits

Ion exchange equilibria in zeolite minerals

Empirical equations to predict the sulfur content of mafic magmas at sulfide saturation and applications to magmatic sulfide deposits

Geology and timing of mineralization at the Cangshang gold deposit, north-western Jiaodong Peninsula, China

Natural zeolites as cation exchangers for environmental protection

The hydrothermal fluid of Archean lode gold deposits at different metamorphic grades - compositional constraints from ore and wallrock alteration assemblages

Gold deposits in the Xiaoqinling-Xiong'ershan region, Qinling Mountains, central China

Carbon and oxygen isotopic covariations in hydrothermal calcites - theoretical modellng on mixing processes and application to Pb-Zn deposits in the Harz Mountains, Germany

A precise U-Pb age on cassiterite from the Xianghualing tin-polymetallic deposit (Hunan, South China)

A unified model for gold mineralisation in accretionary orogens and implications for regional-scale exploration targeting methods

Sulfur isotopic composition of hydrothermal precipitates from the Lau back-arc: implications for magmatic contributions to seafloor hydrothermal systems

Paleozoic-early mesozoic gold deposits of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, northwestern China

Gold mineralization in As-rich mesothermal gold ores of the Bogosu-Prestea mining district of the Ashanti gold belt, Ghana - remobilization of invisible gold

Some thoughts on gold-rich porphyry-copper deposits

Origin of the Tongshankou porphyry-skarn Cu-Mo deposit, eastern Yangtze craton, Eastern China: geochronological, geochemical, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic constraints

Geochemical and mineralogical control of different genetic types of deep-sea nodules from the Pacific ocean

Invisible gold in arsenian pyrite and arsenopyrite from a multistage Archaean gold deposit: Sunrise Dam, Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia

Lithospheric controls on the formation of provinces hosting giant orogenic gold deposits

P-T-X conditions of hydrothermal fluids and precipitation mechanism of stibnite-gold mineralization at the Wiluna lode-gold deposits, Western Australia: conventional and infrared microthermometric constraints

Geology and geochemistry of Carlin-type gold deposits in China

Crustal-scale shear zones and their significance to Archean gold mineralization in Western Australia

Enrichment of U-Se-Mo-Re-V in coals preserved within marine carbonate successions: geochemical and mineralogical data from the Late Permian Guiding Coalfield, Guizhou, China

The extreme diversity of uranium deposits