Call for paper: Special Issue on Operations Research for Healthcare Systems Management: Modelling and Applications in a post-COVID-19 World

Guest Editors:

Pradip Kumar Ray, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India;

Tapas K. Das, University of South Florida, FL, USA;

Objective: Certain systems like healthcare systems, in general, and hospital systems, in particular, considered integral part of the socioeconomic system of any country, need continuous evaluation and improvement because of their fast-changing technological and resource management systems. In addition to improving its clinical performance and overall health condition for well-being of the people, a healthcare system has to meet a number of, often conflicting, operational objectives and goals too, such as minimizing the cost of healthcare, maximizing safety and desired health outcome, maximizing the utilization of physical and human resources, and improving the quality of service to the patients.

Operations research (OR) model-based tools and techniques have proven to be essential in addressing the above complex challenges. There is a growing need for optimizing the performance of healthcare systems considering relevant perspectives and constraints in today’s context.

In this background, this Special Issue on Operations Research for Healthcare Systems Management: Modelling and Application highlights and presents advanced OR-based modelling techniques and their applications to address a set of critical problems related to healthcare systems design, operation, and management.

Specific Topics

The special issue will have a total of 10-12 papers published on a number of topics under healthcare systems design, operation, and management. The papers may be written on any of the following, but not limited to, topics.

  • Resource allocation and capacity planning in healthcare systems
  • Modelling and analysis of hospital appointment scheduling system
  • Inventory control modelling  and analysis for  pharmaceuticals/medicines
  • Modelling and analysis of storage and distribution of scarce resources like blood stocks, etc.
  • Performance measurement and quality evaluation of hospital services

With regard to the burning and contemporary issue of COVID-19 pandemic which has been instrumental in challenging the healthcare system across the world, apart from the abovementioned broad areas, this special issue is also encouraging researchers to submit papers in any of the following thrust areas.

  1. Application of data science in healthcare systems to encourage usage of data-driven techniques in hospitals under distress
  2. Healthcare facility management during COVID-19 with special emphasis on Ventilators, PPE and testing kit supply chain management
  3. Modelling and simulation of the pandemic to foresee the future of novel coronavirus spread
  4. Modelling and analysis of uncertainty and disruptions in healthcare management due to surge flow of patients in hospitals

This special issue is intended to benefit graduate students, researchers, and industrial professionals, and the content of the special issue can be adapted for a short professional course on the subject matter as well. It is hoped that the researchers willing to learn mathematical/analytical OR-based models and their applications in the context of the topics stated above will be immensely benefited. Also, it is expected that practicing engineers and managers who want to learn about the basic principles and concepts applicable to healthcare systems will find this special issue quite informative and valuable.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Open: July 10, 2020

Paper Submission Due: September 30, 2020

Notification of Review Results: October 30, 2020

Revised Manuscript Due: November 15, 2020

Final Decision: November 30, 2020

Issue published: December 30, 2020