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Volume 11 (2021)

Issue 1, January Points of view on artificial intelligence in medical imaging—one good, one bad, one fuzzy
Free access period: 1 Feb-28 Feb

Issue 2, March Medical physicists in radiology – present status in AFOMP region
Free access period: 17 Mar-14 Apr

Volume 10 (2020)

Issue 1, January An integrated custom decision-support computer aided facility management informative system for healthcare facilities and analysis
OA paper, freely accessible 

Issue 2, March Evidence-based impact by clinical engineers on global patients outcomes
Free access period: till 11 May, 2020

Issue 3, May Expectations to data: Perspectives of service providers and users of future health and wellness services
OA paper, freely accessible
Needs and cost-effectiveness in health care priority setting
Free access period: OA paper, freely accessible

Issue 4, July A novel approach to keypoint detection for the aesthetic evaluation of breast cancer surgery outcomes
Free access period: 19 Aug-16 Sept

Issue 5, Sep A systematic review into the assessment of medical apps: motivations, challenges, recommendations and methodological aspect
Free access period: 9 Nov-4 Dec

Issue 6, Dec Gut microbiota and artificial intelligence approaches: A scoping review
OA paper, freely accessible
The Inadequacy of Regulatory Frameworks in Time of Crisis and in Low-Resource Settings: Personal Protective Equipment and COVID-19
OA paper, freely accessible
E-learning – from first experiences in medical physics and engineering to its role in times of crisis
Free access period: 1 Dec-31 Dec