About the Society

The Korean Institute of Metals and MaterialsSince its inception in 1946, Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) has undertaken exchanges with institutes of metals and materials in other countries. It has strived to improve exchanges and friendly relationships regarding science technology by jointly hosting international conferences and sponsoring international meetings and symposiums.

Hosting or sponsoring international conferences and symposiums is intended to promote Korea’s science and technology domestically and internationally and provide opportunities for members and engineers to learn the latest research trends and case studies in leading countries of science and technology. KIM supports or holds the following international events:

- Support for hosting international conferences (Financial and Advertising Assistance)

- Support for hosting international joint conferences

- Support for hosting international symposiums and workshops

- Other international events for academic exchanges

Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) is a member of International Organization of Materials, Metals & Minerals Societies (IOMMMS) consisting of 17 important institutes of metals and materials from 13 countries. It takes part in a ceremony for World Materials Day declared by IOMMMS, and various conferences to enhance friendly relationships between countries and actively be involved in exchanges for science and technology.

Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) carries out a wide range of activities for academic areas as well as practical fields in order to build a foundation for the metals and materials field in Korea. It is the purpose of KIM to contribute to industry development in Korea. Simultaneously build infrastructure for researches to be comparable to those of leading countries in science, and foster researchers. Major activities KIM undertakes domestically are as follows:

- Provision of a place for academic exchanges among people involved in metals and materials

- Introduction of Korean companies and business areas regarding metal and materials

- Provision of news about recent activities of renowned people in metals and materials

- Provision of information on domestic market trends

- Provision of information on industrial property rights such as patent

The activities above are also actively undertaken using KIM’s homepage, and “Trends in Metals and Materials Engineering”. For academic exchanges, KIM makes efforts to facilitate committees and subcommittees so that it could host and support a high level of symposiums and workshops in a variety of areas. Each region organizes these events on a non-regular basis under the leadership of subcommittees. A venue for an event is not confined to a certain region.

Events are held in universities and holiday destinations across the country to remove regional constraints. Through the events, technology and information exchanges are proactively made.