MPC "Best Paper of the Year" Award

This award is made annually to the best paper that appeared in print during the previous calendar year.


2020 Winner

  • Bartolomeo Stellato, Goran Banjac, Paul Goulart, Alberto Bemporad, Stephen Boyd: OSQP: an operator splitting solver for quadratic programs. Mathematical Programming Computation. 12(4): 637–672(2020) (Read the article here)

2019 Winners

  • Marc Pfetsch, Thomas Rehn: A computational comparison of symmetry handling methods for mixed integer programs. Mathematical Programming Computation 11(1):37-93 (2019) (Read the article here)
  • Coralia Cartis, Lindon Roberts: A derivative-free Gauss–Newton method. Mathematical Programming Computation 11(4):631–674 (2019) (Read the article here)

2018 Winner

  • Qi Huangfu, J. A. J. Hall: Parallelizing the dual revised simplex method. Mathematical Programming Computation. 10(1): 119-142 (2018) (Read the article here)

2018 Honorable Mention

  • Pierre Bonami, Oktay Günlük, and Jeff Linderoth: Globally solving nonconvex quadratic programming problems with box constraints via integer programming methods. Mathematical Programming Computation. 10(3): 333–382 (2018) (Read the article here)

2017 Winner

  • Diego Pecin, Artur Pessoa, Marcos Poggi, Eduardo Uchoapp: Improved branch-cut-and-price for capacitated vehicle routing. Mathematical Programming Computation. 9(1): 61-100, (2017) (Read the article here)