Journal updates

  • Special Issue Call for Papers: From Learning Analytics to Institutional Learning Ecosystems

    What kind of model should institutions of higher education (IHEs) use as they look to utilize information drawn from the learning activities conducted with digital platforms for systemic improvement?  Among the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the realization that instructional support technology can be used on a massive scale when needed.  Platform-based teaching provides options for IHEs to respond to a range of needs, to be resilient in the face of other disasters and disruptions that may occur in the future.  Platforms can also allow an IHE to extend its reach to new communities.  The phrase institutional learning ecosystems borrows concepts from organizational learning to advance a broad view of how an organization connects to its stakeholders.  The ecosystem framing is a contemporary approach used with communities and complex organizations—terms that couple apply to IHEs—that highlights emergent, adaptive, and responsive approaches (Wang, 2021).  

  • Call for Papers for Special Issue: Redefining the Learning Process Through Educational and Technological Innovations

    Over the past decade, enabled by educational and technological innovations, the teaching and learning process has been undergoing a lot of changes, not only on instructional design and delivery but also on student advising and assessment. Many promising approaches have evolved to integrate the traditional learning with innovative means in order to create a new learning environment to maximize learning flexibility, enhance learning effectiveness and enrich learning experience. Blended learning, open online learning and intelligent tutoring are exemplars of these integrations.

  • Invitation to Submit

    While computers are pervasive in most every aspect of higher education, the use of technology raises many questions. This journal will explore theoretical, research, application, and policy issues related to computing and the integration of instructional technology in higher education. More...