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While computers are pervasive in most every aspect of higher education, the use of technology raises many questions. This journal will explore theoretical, research, application, and policy issues related to computing and the integration of instructional technology in higher education.

As individual faculty members innovate, adopt, adapt, and are encouraged to use technology for instruction, new questions need to be addressed. Is one technology more efficient than another? Are some instructional or management strategies more effective with different technologies and different students? Are unique or different policies needed for distance education? What ownership or royalties do faculty and institutions derive from the development of electronic materials including courses, courseware, and electronic books and study guides? Are new theories of instruction and learning needed to address new technologies used for instruction? How does technology affect the role of the instructor and the student? Does communication in an electronic environment differ than communication in a traditional classroom?

These questions, issues, theories, and policies require in-depth study, discussion, and analysis. The Journal of Computing in Higher Education provides a venue for exploring these ideas in a rigorous and scholarly manner. We invite the submission of research and scholarly papers from a wide range of disciplines in higher education that reflect different research, theoretical, and application perspectives concerning computing and technology integration in higher education.

Submission of articles dealing with a broad spectrum of topics will be considered. Particular themes in higher education of interest include:

>Basic and applied research with instructional technology
>Critical examination of issues related to technology integration
>Analysis and critical reviews of policies related to instructional technology and distance education
>Theoretical perspectives on instructional technology
>Diffusion and adoption studies
>Management of learning
>Innovative uses of instructional technology
>Trends in instructional technology
>Integrative literature reviews

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