CALL FOR PAPERS: Topical Collection on Biodiversity and Ecology of the Wadden Sea under changing environments

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Climate change is one of the most significant risks to the Wadden Sea. One of the current key challenges of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation is to identify how the effects of climate change, including sea level rise, will affect the structure, functions and characteristic biodiversity of the Wadden Sea. As an outcome of the 15th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, the Topical collection “Biodiversity and Ecology of the Wadden Sea under changing environments” aims at improving knowledge of the current state of the Wadden Sea biodiversity and ecology.  The collection shall include contributions on climate effects on biota, methodological and modelling studies, integrative approaches and future strategies and will examine both biological (birds, marine mammals, fish, alien species, sublittoral habitats) and socio-economic aspects to support stakeholders in management and implementation issues.

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Submission deadline: November 30, 2022