Aims and scope

Marine Biodiversity is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to all aspects of biodiversity research in marine ecosystems. Marine Biodiversity considers original research papers, reviews, short notes and two-page news (Oceanarium) on taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of any kind of marine organisms, on biogeography, morphological and genetic diversity, distribution of species, diversity patterns and gradients, co-existence of species and species interactions, processes and factors influencing community structure, structure and function of marine ecosystems, and present and historical use of marine biodiversity by human populations. Additional scope of the journal includes models and concepts explaining any aspect of species co-existence and species distribution, and descriptions of new methods to improve biodiversity research and species inventories. However, new records of distributions of individual species will not be considered for publication, unless high implications for biogeography or ecosystem structure and functioning can be demonstrated.

Marine Biodiversity specially encourages contributions dealing with the understanding of the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity in marine systems and the role of species in structuring marine ecosystem functioning.