Exercise and diabetes - Topical Collection

Exercise 01

The competitive athlete with type 1 diabetes

Michael C. Riddell, Sam N. Scott, Paul A. Fournier, Sheri R. Colberg, Ian W. Gallen, Othmar Moser, Christoph Stettler, Jane E. Yardley, Dessi P. Zaharieva, Peter Adolfsson & Richard M. Bracken

Exercise 02

Train like an athlete: applying exercise interventions to manage type 2 diabetes

Mladen Savikj & Juleen R. Zierath

Exercise 03

Exercise and metabolic health: beyond skeletal muscle

John P. Thyfault & Audrey Bergouignan

Exercise 04

Exercising your fat (metabolism) into shape: a muscle-centred view

Anne Gemmink, Patrick Schrauwen & Matthijs K. C. Hesselink