Andrew A. Meharg, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Subject Editors:

Kaushik Banerjee
National Reference Laboratory ICAR-National Research Centre for Grapes, India
Contaminant and biomarker analysis

George Christakos
San Diego State University, USA
Stochastic risk assessment

Lisa Connolly
Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Endocrine disrupters

P.Mangala C.S. De Silva
University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
Exposure analysis and epidemiology

Hassan R Dhaini
American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Health Risk Analysis

Chris Elliott
Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Natural toxins

Peiyue Li
Chang’an University, China
Waterborne contaminants and water quality

Tara McMorrow
University College Dublin, Ireland

Eduardo Moreno-Jiménez
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Trace-element environmental chemistry

Keeve Nachman
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Public health, exposure science and risk policy

Gareth Norton
University of Aberdeen, UK
Toxic elements in food-chains

Dave Polya
University of Manchester, UK
Modelling geogenic exposures

Antonio J. Signes-Pastor

Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, Spain

Trace element epidemiology

Mahmud Hossain Sumon 
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Trace element in soil-water-crop systems

Guoxin Sun
Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences, China

Paul Williams
Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Trace element biogeochemistry

Jianhua Wu 
Chang’an University, China
Health risk assessment and environmental contaminants

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