Aims and scope

Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (ZfAS) (“Journal for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy”) is the academic journal for theory-based and empirically sound foreign policy analyses, security policy studies and analyses of international politics. It offers a forum in which developments in international relations and their effects on foreign and security policy processes are discussed as well as the effects of foreign and security policy decisions on the international order. Foreign policy and security policy are defined comprehensively: The journal covers all areas of foreign policy. In addition, it is based on an expanded concept of security, which also encompasses changes in the relationship between internal and external security.

The journal is divided into the sections Analysen (“Analyses”), Berichte (“Reports”), Essays, Forschungsnotizen (“Research Notes”), Rezensionen (“Book Reviews”) and Studien (“Studies”).

“Research Notes” provide information on research findings and trending topics relevant to the field of international relations. In principle, this also opens the section to contributions from neighbouring disciplines. The aim is to be able to publish current and focused results and findings in the shortest possible time. Proposals for “Research Notes” and “Studies” can be submitted unsolicited and - if accepted by the editors - undergo a double-blind review process.