Meet the Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editors


Agnieszka Wykowska

Professor Agnieszka Wykowska leads the unit “Social CognitionNew Content Item in Human-Robot Interaction” at the Italian Institute of Technology (Genoa, Italy).  Prof. Wykowska’s background is cognitive neuroscience with a PhD in psychology from the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (Germany). In 2016 she was awarded the ERC Starting grant “InStance: Intentional Stance for Social Attunement”, which addresses the question of attribution of intentionality to robots. The research foci of Prof. Wykowska are truly interdisciplinary, bridging psychology, cognitive neuroscience, robotics and healthcare. Specifically, she combines cognitive neuroscience methods with human-robot interaction to understand the human brain mechanisms in interaction with other humans and with robots. Part of her research is also dedicated to application of social robotics to healthcare: her team develops robot-assisted training protocols to help children diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorder in improving social skills.

Serena Ivaldi

Dr. Serena Ivaldi is a tenured research scientist at Inria, leadingNew Content Item (1) the humanoid and human-robot interaction activities of the Team Larsen in Inria Nancy, France.  Her research is focused on humanoid robotics and human-robot collaboration: she is interested into combining machine learning with control to improve the prediction, adaptation and interaction skills of robots. She strongly believes in user evaluation, i.e., making potential end-user evaluate her technologies, to improve usability, trust, acceptance. She has been co-coordinator and PI of several collaborative projects, such as the EU projects CoDyCo (FP7) and AnDy (H2020). She was Program Chair of the conference IEEE/RAS Humanoids 2019. She is co-leader of the Humanoid Robotics Group of GDR Robotique (the French Robotics society). She was recently awarded the 2020 Suzanne Zivi Award for excellence in research and the IEEE RA-L Distinguished Service Award as Outstanding Associate Editor for IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (2017-2021).

Managing Editors:

Salvatore Anzalone

Salvatore Maria Anzalone is Maître de Conférences atNew Content Item Université Paris 8 and member of the Artificial and Human Cognitions Laboratory, leading the Cognition and Social Interactions group. His research interests focus on Social Robotics, spanning from the analysis of interpersonal dynamics to the development of socio-cognitive behaviors, with the goal of  allowing robots to express high degrees of social intelligence. He extensively worked on such topics in the specific context of socially assistive robotics for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. He was awarded as JSPS Research Fellow from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2011-2012) and recipient of a grant from the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (2013). He participated in several national and European projects such as the FP7 Michelangelo. He is currently coordinator of the French-Swiss bilateral project ANR-FNS iReCheck, co-coordinator of the French national project “Scène and Robotique” and, since 2017, part of the steering committee of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics group of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.