Top 10 Downloaded Articles 2021

We want to thank the authors of our most-downloaded articles in 2021, and highlight to our readers some of the most impactful research to have published in the journal. We hope that you will find the data interesting.

Children’s Evaluations of a Therapy Dog and Biomimetic Robot: Influences of Animistic Beliefs and Social Interaction, by 
Olivia Barber, Eszter Somogyi, Anne E. McBride & Leanne Proops

Foundations of Erobotics, by 
Simon Dubé & Dave Anctil 

Moral Uncanny Valley: A Robot’s Appearance Moderates How its Decisions are Judged, by 
Michael Laakasuo, Jussi Palomäki & Nils Köbis 

Trust in and Ethical Design of Carebots: The Case for Ethics of Care, by 
Gary Chan Kok Yew

The Threats of Artificial Intelligence Scale (TAI): Development, Measurement and Test Over Three Application Domains, by Kimon Kieslich, Marco Lünich & Frank Marcinkowski 

Developing Kaspar: A Humanoid Robot for Children with Autism, by 
Luke J. Wood, Abolfazl Zaraki, Ben Robins & Kerstin Dautenhahn 

A Taxonomy to Structure and Analyze Human–Robot Interaction, by 
Linda Onnasch & Eileen Roesler 

I, Robot: How Human Appearance and Mind Attribution Relate to the Perceived Danger of Robots, by 
Barbara C. N. Müller, Xin Gao, Sari R. R. Nijssen & Tom G. E. Damen 

Three Responses to Anthropomorphism in Social Robotics: Towards a Critical, Relational, and Hermeneutic Approach, by 
Mark Coeckelbergh

A Meta-analysis on Children’s Trust in Social Robots, by 
Rebecca Stower, Natalia Calvo-Barajas, Ginevra Castellano & Arvid Kappas