Aims and scope

School Mental Health: A Multidisciplinary Research and Practice Journal is a forum for the latest research related to prevention, treatment, and assessment practices that are associated with the pre-K to 12th-grade education system and focuses on children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. The journal publishes empirical studies, quantitative and qualitative research, and systematic and scoping review articles from authors representing the many disciplines that are involved in school mental health, including child and school psychology, education, pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, developmental psychology, school counseling, social work and nursing.

Sample topics include:

· Innovative school-based treatment practices

· Consultation and professional development procedures

· Dissemination and implementation science targeting schools

· Educational techniques for children with emotional and behavioral disorders

· Schoolwide prevention programs

· Medication effects on school behavior and achievement

· Assessment practices

· Special education services

· Developmental implications affecting learning and behavior

· Racial, ethnic, and cultural issues

· School policy

· Role of families in school mental health

· Prediction of impairment and resilience

· Moderators and mediators of response to treatment