Top 10 Most-Cited Articles in Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering From 2017 to 2021 (Data sources: Web of Science)

1. Sesame Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis through Inhibition of STAT-3 Translocation in Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines (FTC-133)
Yunhai Ma, Thiruventhan Karunakaran, Vishnu Priya Veeraraghavan, Surapaneni Krishna Mohan & Shuling Li
volume 24, pages 646–652 (2019)

2. Effect of the size and shape of silver nanoparticles on bacterial growth and metabolism by monitoring optical density and fluorescence intensity
Do Hyeon Kim, Jeong Chan Park, Go Eun Jeon, Chang Sup Kim & Jeong Hyun Seo
volume 22, pages 210–217 (2017)

3. Effects of Iron Sources on the Growth and Lipid/Carbohydrate Production of Marine Microalga Dunaliella tertiolecta
Muhammad Rizwan, Ghulam Mujtaba & Kisay Lee
volume 22, pages 68–75 (2017)

4. Theobromine, a Methylxanthine in Cocoa Bean, Stimulates Thermogenesis by Inducing White Fat Browning and Activating Brown Adipocytes
Myeong Hwan Jang, Nam Hyeon Kang, Sulagna Mukherjee & Jong Won Yun
volume 23, pages 617–626 (2018)

5. Bacterial Cellulose-chitosan Composite Hydrogel Beads for Enzyme Immobilization
Hyun Jung Kim, Ju Nam Jin, Eunsung Kan, Kwang Jin Kim & Sang Hyun Lee
volume 22, pages 89–94 (2017)

6. Production of 1,3-Propanediol from Glucose by Recombinant Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)
Jae Hyeon Lee, Suman Lama, Jung Rae Kim & Sung Hoon Park
volume 23, pages 250–258 (2018)

7. Pulmonary Protective Functions of Rare Ginsenoside Rg4 on Particulate Matter-induced Inflammatory Responses
Wonhwa Lee, Sae-Kwang Ku, Ji-Eun Kim, Ga-Eun Choi, Gyu-Yong Song & Jong-Sup Bae
volume 24, pages 445–453 (2019)

8. Recent Advances in the Metabolic Engineering of Klebsiella pneumoniae: A Potential Platform Microorganism for Biorefineries
Mi Na Rhie, Hee Taek Kim, Seo Young Jo, Luan Luong Chu, Kei-Anne Baritugo, Mary Grace Baylon, Jinwon Lee, Jeong-Geol Na, Lyul Ho Kim, Tae Wan Kim, Chulhwan Park, Soon Ho Hong, Jeong Chan Joo & Si Jae Park
volume 24, pages 48–64 (2019)

9. Elevating Limonene Production in Oleaginous Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica via Genetic Engineering of Limonene Biosynthesis Pathway and Optimization of Medium Composition
Bo-Qian Cheng, Liu-Jing Wei, Yu-Bei Lv, Jun Chen & Qiang Hua
volume 24, pages 500–506 (2019)

10. Exosomes: Biogenesis, Composition, Functions, and Their Role in Pre-metastatic Niche Formation
Anandrao Ashok Patil & Won Jong Rhee
volume 24, pages 689–701 (2019)