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  • The AAPS Journals Make Use of Portable Peer Review

    If your manuscript has been declined, and you are planning to submit your article to another of the four AAPS journals (AAPS Open, The AAPS Journal, AAPSPharmSciTech, or Pharmaceutical Research), we can help make the peer review process faster and smoother by extending the use of previous peer reviewer comments! Portable Peer Review, an opt-into service available for any author of these journals, allows us to share, between the portfolio, previous peer review comments and reviewer names, subject to approval of all parties. This can help speed up the assessment process, should the editor choose to make a decision on the basis of the comments and revision. Interested?  Email us with the name of the journal to which you are going to submit. Note: Portable peer review is opt-in only, available at the authors’ preference, and the reviewer identities and comments will only be shared between offices, not to the author.

  • Announcing new Editor-in-Chief of AAPS Open: Dr. Andrea Allmendinger

    AAPS Open is proud to announce new Editor-in-Chief Dr. Andrea Allmendinger. Dr. Allmendinger obtained her PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Basel and joined the Pharmaceutical Development department of Roche/Genentech in Basel in 2013, where she is responsible for formulation and process development for clinical Phase I-III projects and commercial transfer activities for both large molecules and for synthetic drugs.

  • The AAPS Journal is in the top 25% of qualifying journals for editorial excellence

    Congratulations to Dr. Ho Leung Fung and his editorial team! The AAPS Journal is a top rated Springer Nature journal. These exceptional editors performed in the top percentile of journals based on data collected from the Journal Author Satisfaction Survey. We're recognizing extraordinary editors for their commitment and passion to their journals. Learn more about editorial excellence.

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  • Celebrating Women in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

    The AAPS Journal theme issue “Celebrating Women in the Pharmaceutical Sciences” recognizes the contributions women have made to science in the broad research area included in the term “pharmaceutical sciences.” Similar to most scientific areas, it has been a slow process for women reaching the upper echelons of the pharmaceutical world in industry or academia.

  • The AAPS Journal High Impact Article Award

    The AAPS Journal High Impact Article Award Recognizing an article published in the last two years in The AAPS Journal that is judged exceptional by the editors for its impact on the pharmaceutical sciences. 

    Awardee/Corresponding Author: Volker Lauschke, Ph.D., M.B.A., Karolinska Institutet Co-Authors: ALili Milani, Ph.D. and Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Ph.D.

    Watch the video here.

  • EDITOR’S PICK: Featured Article

    Comparison of Canine and Human Physiological Factors: Understanding Interspecies Differences that Impact Drug Pharmacokinetics
    This review is a summary of factors affecting the drug pharmacokinetics (PK) of dogs versus humans. The hope is that this manuscript will encourage the research needed to support an understanding of similarities and differences in human versus canine drug PK.

  • Research Data Policy

    The journal encourages authors to deposit data that support the findings of their research in a public repository.

  • Reviewer Guidelines & Editorial Manager Tutorial

    The following tutorial and guidelines are intended as a reference tool for reviewers of The AAPS Journal, an electronic journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

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