About the Society

KFS logoThe Korean Fiber Society (KFS) was established in 1963 as an organization consisting of professors, researchers, students and related experts with a mutual aim towards the advancement of theory, application, and technology.The KFS currently comprises approximately 1500 individual members, 20 libraries, 20 special member groups, five branches, and five technology subcommittees.

The KFS is a member of The Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations (FAPTA) composed of eight textile related organizations and societies in Asia Pacific regions.The FAPTA visits member countries every other year and has been hosting symposiums for academic exchanges in textile related science technology and the textile industry since 1991.

Main projects conducted by the KFS are as follows:

1) Publication of journals including Textile Science and Engineering (Korean Version), Fibers and Polymers, as well as Fiber Industry and Technology
2) Holding symposiums
3) Holding seminars
4) Holding international events
5) Book publication
6) Promotion of research and recognition

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