International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing Best Article of the Year

The editorial review board is pleased to announce the best article of the year for 2020 (Volume 17).  The editorial review board voted for their choice among the articles published in the four issues of Volume 17.  Two articles were tied for first place, giving us a tied result.  The two articles are:

First Place:

Farinha, L., Sebastião, J.R., Sampaio, C. et al. Social innovation and social entrepreneurship: discovering origins, exploring current and future trends. Int Rev Public Nonprofit Mark 17, 77–96 (2020).

e Silva, S.C., Duarte, P., Machado, J.C. et al. Cause-related marketing in online environment: the role of brand-cause fit, perceived value, and trust. Int Rev Public Nonprofit Mark 17, 135–157 (2020).

Two other articles received almost as many votes as our two first-place articles.  These two articles are, therefore, worthy of receiving an honorable mention.  They are:

Honorable Mention:

Cunha, J., Benneworth, P. How to measure the impact of social innovation initiatives?. Int Rev Public Nonprofit Mark 17, 59–75 (2020).

Martin, S., Grüb, B. Intensive WOM-behavior in the healthcare sector – the case of an Austrian hospital’s Facebook site. Int Rev Public Nonprofit Mark 17, 331–352 (2020).