Special Issue on Reputation Management in Public Sector Organisations: Challenges and Opportunities at National, Regional, and Municipal Levels

In collaboration with the 24th Annual IRSPM Conference, IRSPM2020 April 22–24, Tampere University, Finland

Guest Editor:  Dr Kati Suomi, University of Turku, Finland
Email: Kati.suomi@utu.fi

Submission deadline: July 31, 2020

Reputation is important for public sector organisations for reasons that include attracting talented personnel, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and citizens, building trust and engagement, as well as ensuring legitimacy. Reputation is impacted by issues such as institutional culture, social responsibility, and transparency (Luoma-aho & Canel 2016). However, reputation management in the public sector has been suggested to be different (e.g. Chapleo 2010), and often more complicated, than in the private sector, for example because of challenges related to politics, bureaucracy, organisational complexity, as well as lack of excellence and uniqueness (Wæraas & Byrkjeflot 2012; Suomi et al. 2014). In addition, a multifaceted stakeholder environment imposes challenges when identifying the targets of reputation management and when designing actions (e.g. Mainardes, Alves & Raposo 2010). Thus, we invite innovative papers (both conceptual and empirical) that discuss challenges and reveal opportunities related to reputation management in the public sector. Some questions to address might include (but not limited to) :

•    Particularities of reputation and brand management in the public sector
•    Reputation & brand understanding and acceptance in the public sector
•    Reputation management in reforms and mergers
•    Consumerism's effect on reputation management in public sector
•    How political scandal affect reputation management?
•    Brand equity in the public sector
•    Reputation management through social media
•    Metrics of reputation management in the public sector
•    Case studies on brand and reputation management in the public sector

Manuscripts that further our knowledge on the field of public sector management by highlighting the particularities of reputation management in the public sector supported by up-to-date practices and research results are most welcome.

Manuscripts should be prepared following the normal guidelines for the journal and should be submitted through the journal’s online system.  Please be sure to submit your manuscript for this special issue when submitting through the online system.

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