Call for Papers - 2024 Special Issue

The KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering invites papers for 2024 Special Issue on a topic related to Forefront of modelings, measurements, and machine learnings of hydro-environmental flows. Special Issues are designed to provide a platform and opportunity to summarize the state-of-the-art on a specific theme, share new perspectives, and initiate discussion on the latest theoretical research. The KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering publishes one to two special issues each year.
This open call invites researchers to submit papers for a special issue to be published in February 2024.

Forefront of Modelings, Measurements, and Machine Learnings of Hydro-Environmental Flows
Sung-Uk Choi, Akihiko Nakayama
Most hydro-environmental flows are turbulent. They are characterized by highly irregular, fluctuating, three-dimensional eddy motions. There was a time when detailed structures of the hydro-environmental flows are not of importance. At that time, the uniform flow formula such as Manning’s played a great role in flow computations. Later, 2D and 3D computations became available with increased demands for detailed structures of hydro-environmental flows. Understandings of such flows have been enhanced with the help of field and laboratory measurements. Nowadays, machine learning technologies are being used to fill the gap, left unexplored by computations and measurements.  The special issue of KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering aims to present the most updated techniques for numerical modelings, measurements, and machine learnings of hydro-environmental flows and to propose a new direction for future studies. 

The content of this special issue will focus on computations, measurements, machine-learnings of hydro-environmental flows. Topics included in the special issue are about computations, measurements, and machine-learning of the following but are not limited to the following:

  • Open-channel flows
  • Contaminant transport
  • Jets and plumes
  • Density currents and turbidity currents
  • Fluid and structure interactions
  • Sediment transport in rivers
  • River morphodynamics
  • Scour due to hydraulic installations
  • Vegetation resistance to flows
  • Habitat hydraulics

Contact Details of the Guest Editors
Principal Guest Editor: Prof. Sung-Uk Choi, Yonsei University, KOREA (Email:
Guest Editor: Akihiko Nakayama, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, JAPAN (Email:

Tentative key dates are summarized in the table below.

Process Description


Call for Papers

February 10, 2023

Paper Submission Deadline

July 14, 2023

Peer Review of Papers

July 14
~ September 15, 2023

Information to Authors (accept, revise, reject)

Submission of Corrected Papers

Final Decision of Accepted Papers

September 15, 2023

Acceptance of Print-Ready Papers

October 1, 2023

Publication of Special Issue

February 1, 2024

Submission Guidelines
Please submit your manuscript via the Journal’s online submission system at:
Please select “Research Paper” for Article Type Selection, then “2024 SI: Forefront of modelings, measurements, and machine learnings of hydro-environmental flows” for Additional Information
All submissions should follow the requirements of the Submission Guidelines. Please refer to the following link:

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