About the Society

The Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE)

Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSGE)The Korean Society of Civil Engineers promotes the civil engineering profession as the largest body and trusted voice in Korea. Established in 1951, KSCE is a non-profit professional organization incorporated to support our 26,000 members working in various fields of civil engineering, and to provide quality service to the public. We are committed to creating a better place to live for the community by developing infrastructures and improving the environment that we encounter and experience in our everyday lives.

Major Activities

  • Publish journals, proceedings, magazine, newsletters, articles, and other manuals and books regarding civil engineering practice
  • Organize conferences, symposiums, forums, seminars, workshops, training courses, field trips and inspection tours
  • Conduct research projects, and provide technical advice and appraisal for civil engineering technology
  • Establish and update codes, standards, specifications and guidelines for civil engineering practice
  • Recognize and award distinguished professionals in civil engineering
  • Cooperate and organize joint activities with international and domestic organizations