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Genomics-assisted breeding for ear rot resistances and reduced mycotoxin contamination in maize: methods, advances and prospects
David Sewordor Gaikpa, Thomas Miedaner
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Hybrid wheat: past, present and future
Pushpendra Kumar Gupta, Harindra Singh Balyan, Vijay Gahlaut, Gautam Saripalli, Bijendra Pal, Bhoja Raj Basnet, Arun Kumar Joshi
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Insights into deployment of DNA markers in plant variety protection and registration
Seyed Hossein Jamali, James Cockram, Lee T. Hickey
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Drought and heat stress-related proteins: an update about their functional relevance in imparting stress tolerance in agricultural crops
Manu Priya, Om P. Dhanker, Kadambot H. M. Siddique, Bindumadhava HanumanthaRao, Ramakrishnan M. Nair, Sarita Pandey, Sadhana Singh, Rajeev K. Varshney, P. V. Vara Prasad, Harsh Nayyar
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Broadening the bread wheat D genome
Ghader Mirzaghaderi, Annaliese S. Mason
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Advances in understanding salt tolerance in rice
Showkat Ahmad Ganie, Kutubuddin Ali Molla, Robert J. Henry, K. V. Bhat, Tapan Kumar Mondal
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Special issue: New technologies for plant breeding
Ian D. Godwin, Jessica Rutkoski, Rajeev K. Varshney, Lee T. Hickey
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Development and use of chromosome segment substitution lines as a genetic resource for crop improvement
Divya Balakrishnan, Malathi Surapaneni, Sukumar Mesapogu, Sarla Neelamraju
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Crop resistant starch and genetic improvement: a review of recent advances
Jian Xia, Dong Zhu, Ruomei Wang, Yue Cui, Yueming Yan
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