Aims and scope

Chemical Biology is a novel interdisciplinary subject that is still evolving. Interpreting chemical biology as widely as possible, the "Journal of Chemical Biology" (JOCB) will be open towards the whole spectrum of physical sciences research if it is applied to foster biomedical research. This will include innovative theoretical and experimental approaches and tools being applied to elucidate biological problems. Chemical Biology is not a synonym for Biological chemistry/Biochemistry, the latter being served by a plethora of life sciences journals, where well-established tools and techniques drawn from the physical sciences are employed to produce innovative biological research. The main acceptance criteria are therefore: the novelty/innovation in the physical sciences part of the presented interdisciplinary research and/or its application in biological research. Manuscripts are expected to convey their research in a fashion that allows both research communities to appreciate its significance and achievements. Thus, experts drawn from the life as well as the physical sciences background referee all manuscripts.

The journal is keen to attract articles on novel innovations and discoveries in the physical sciences that can be applied in the cellular environment (in vivo). Important discoveries that have not yet reached the necessary proof for their biological relevance will be presented as short communications. Reviews and opinion papers as well as articles and short communications that present original multidisciplinary research with a clear applicability towards the life sciences are welcome. JOCB also invites to submit these research advances of interesting tools and technology developmentsthat are not yet applicable towards biological problems as "notes". Being an interdisciplinary journal we would like to encourage reviews on interdisciplinary subjects from authors affiliated with both disciplines as well as investigators affiliated in one discipline with the desire to become engaged in this new interdisciplinary research area.

The "Journal of Chemical Biology" endeavors to create a platform for multidisciplinary physical scientists to publish their achievements, retrieve information, and exchange ideas, opinions and thoughts with the biomedical research community. The latter is addressed in the "Journal of Chemical Biology Bulletin", which is published with each issue and will contain information that is relevant for the chemical biology research community. This includes book reviews, meeting reports and announcements as well as information on chemical biology studies and education.

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