Invitation to submit

Invitation to Submit

Neuroethics is one of the most exciting emerging fields in philosophy. Innovations in the cognitive sciences open up a range of profound questions for neuroethical inquiry, such as whether we can be responsible agents, and the authenticity of our mental states. For neuroethics our most intimate emotions, our aspirations and our goals are the starting point of ethics. In other words, neuroethics enables philosophers to think about ethical questions from the very heart of what it means to be human: to be a thinking, feeling being. But the possibilities of this field do not end with this deepening of the ethical question. Neuroethics also promises to help shape the very tools the ethicist applies to these questions. Since we probe ethical questions using our minds, the sciences of the mind can illuminate our ethical tools even as we apply them to the issues it raises. This provides us with exciting opportunities unique in the area of applied ethics.

Neuroethics welcomes submissions on the entire range of neuroethical questions.

What problems and challenges confront us in applying new knowledge of the mind to everyday life?

How do the sciences of the mind threaten, or promise, to alter our self-understanding as rational and moral agents?

And how do they promise to alter our understanding of ethics itself?

We invite you to submit your research, discussion and reflection on questions raised by the sciences of the mind, and on the ways in which the sciences of the mind illuminate longstanding debates in ethics.

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