Free Access Juxtacities: Urban Difference, Divides, Authority and Citizenship in the Global South

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Multiple differences and their dynamic juxtapositions and divides, are foundational to urban life, space and governance. But how are such differences and divides (re)produced, articulated and/or contested, and what are their effects on urban authority and citizenship? These are key questions explored in this special issue. Through a conceptual lens we call ‘juxtacity’, we examine situated social, spatial, economic, political and other differences and their diverse articulations with one another. Juxtacity provides a relational lens through which to identify and explain the origins, dynamics and effects of various urban differences and divides, and to trace how they are intertwined in the production of and contestations over forms of urban authority and citizenship. More specifically, the collection draws attention to how power relations and practical encounters between a range of specific authorities and differentiated citizens are shaped in and by particular configurations of juxtaposed and entangled differences. This is crucial for understanding the visible and invisible workings of domination, exclusion and violence in urban spaces, but also the many ways that juxtaposed differences inform local urban imaginaries, adaptations and modes of resistance. While relevant for all cities, the juxtacity special issue draws on cases from both Africa and Asia, through which it offers an openly comparative southern/southeastern urbanism that contributes to the wider project of critical urban studies.

Juxtacity: an Approach to Urban Difference, Divide, Authority, and Citizenship
Amanda Hammar and Marianne Millstein 

‘If I Had My House, I’d Feel Free’: Housing and the (Re)Productions of Citizenship in Cape Town, South Africa
Marianne Millstein

Rooftop Autophagy Vertical Monadism in Maputo, Mozambique
Morten Nielsen

The City and the Barracas: Urban Change, Spatial Differentiation and Citizenship in Maputo
Sandra Roque, Miguel Mucavele and Nair Noronha 

The City Is Burning! Street Economies and the Juxtacity of Kigali, Rwanda
Samuel Shearer

Juxtapositions in Jakarta: How Flood Interventions Reinforce and Challenge Urban Divides
Roanne van Voorst

Reconfiguring Manila: Displacement, Resettlement, and the Productivity of Urban Divides
Steffen Jensen, Karl Hapal and Salome Quijano

State, Security, and People along Urban Frontiers: Juxtapositions of Identity and Authority in Quetta 
Faizaan Qayyum

Insurgency and Juxtacity in the Age of Urban Divides
Faranak Miraftab

‘Conceptual Topography’ and the City
Oren Yiftachel