Aims and scope

The Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling provides a forum for fundamental and translational research. In particular, it publishes papers discussing intercellular and intracellular signaling pathways that are particularly important to understand how cells interact with each other and with the surrounding environment, and how cellular behavior contributes to pathological states. JCCS encourages the submission of research manuscripts, timely reviews and short commentaries discussing recent publications, key developments and controversies.

Research manuscripts can be published under two different sections :

In the Pathology and Translational Research Section (Section Editor Andrew Leask) , manuscripts report original research dealing with celllular aspects of normal and pathological signaling and communication, with a particular interest in translational research.

In the Molecular Signaling Section (Section Editor Satoshi Kubota) manuscripts report original signaling research performed at molecular levels with a particular interest in the functions of intracellular and membrane components involved in cell signaling.

The Review Section (Section Editor David Brigstock) is a venue for publication of review articles that summarize recent advances and discoveries, identify gaps and debates, and outline future directions in all aspects of cell signaling and communication. The Journal is particularly interested in focused and authoratative mini-reviews that will allow the reader to gain a rapid understanding of the material presented. Mini-reviews should not exceed 5000 words, excluding the abstract and bibliography. No more than 80 references should be cited. Inclusion of figures to help summarize the major concepts is encouraged. Authors are requested to contact the Section Editor with a proposed outline of their article before submission so that its suitability for publication in the journal can be assessed.

The ‘At the Forefront of Unforeseen Science’ section (Section Editor Bernard Perbal) publishes peer-reviewed articles reporting on groundbreaking discoveries that promise to have an impact on the future of mankind. The manuscripts should be written in the form of a concise analysis and review of exciting advances in any scientific field that will offer novel perspectives that could open new avenues for research and applications

The Bits & Bytes section (Section Editors Andrew Leask and Herman Yeger) provides a forum for the rapid distribution of short commentaries on recent publications and news that are of interest to the scientific community. These commentaries also appear on the Web site of the International CCN Society ( as soon as they are accepted.