Aims and scope

Chemosensory Perception publishes original research, original data reports (such as GC-O spectra, or gene deorphanization results), and review papers covering the connection between chemical, sensory, and neurological sciences. It features interdisciplinary work that links these areas together.

Coverage in Chemosensory Perception includes animal work with implications for human phenomena and explores the following areas:

  • Identification of chemicals producing sensory response
  • Identification of sensory response associated with chemicals
  • Human in vivo response to chemical stimuli
  • Human in vitro response to chemical stimuli
  • Neuroimaging of chemosensory function
  • Neurological processing of chemoreception
  • Chemoreception mechanisms
  • Psychophysics of chemoperception
  • Trigeminal function
  • Multisensory perception
  • Contextual effect on chemoperception
  • Behavioral response to chemical stimuli
  • Physiological factors affecting and contributing to chemoperception
  • Flavor and hedonics
  • Memory and chemoperception